Helldivers 2 electric shotgun

The newest Warbond has several new goodies to help spread a little Liber-Tea across the galaxy. A new shotgun gives us another option besides the Arc Thrower for giving the bugs or automatons a little jolt. But it’s a new armor passive that’ll make the electric weapons more forgiving. 

All three body armors come with a new passive called Electrical Conduit. It’ll give you a 95% resistance to arc damage. 

So far, the only way to receive arc damage is from a teammate. 

Ever wonder why you suddenly turn into little red bits after a blue flash near you? Someone on your team is using the Arc Thrower, and you are between the enemies the electricity is leaping between. 

We’ll see if the devs add other arc hazards to push for more reasons to wear the new armor. With this new passive, running multiple Arc Throwers in one squad could be a solid option. It’s not the most potent weapon in the game, but it makes up for it by having unlimited ammo. All you have to do is charge it up. 

I don’t think this new armor will shake up whatever ‘meta’ folks come up with. It’s just another option the folks at Arrowhead Studios are giving us to experiment with. Shortly after the game’s release, Arrowhead’s CEO said the team strives to not fall into the ‘pay to win’ trap. 


These new weapons/armor aren’t meant to be upgrades from the current slate. It’s all about options. Look at the recent weapon changes that caused a bit of an uproar in the community. The Railgun was by far the favorite for taking down the biggest enemies. It’s still good, but I’ve been using the expendable anti-tank rocket lately. And that’s what the dev team is aiming for – variety. 

Here’s Arrowhead recently explaining why they thought the Railgun was too powerful.

“The Railgun is really intended to be a high powered anti-tank sniper rifle, requiring both timing with the unsafe fire mode and accuracy with where you hit the enemy. It was vastly over-performing in how safe it was to use and how convenient it was, not requiring a backpack or assistance to be effective, and not requiring risk to take out even larger armored targets.”

The new Warbond is out now and costs 1,000 super credits to unlock. Like all the other Warbonds, you will need medals to unlock items. And don’t worry—Warbonds will not expire. So you can wait until you earn enough super credits in-game without worrying that the Warbond will go away.

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