7 Days to Die console

7 Days To Die Is Leaving Game Pass, Don’t Buy It

7 Days to Die will exit Game Pass on April 30. It might be tempting to scoop it up with the 20% discount you get with Xbox Game Pass, but don’t. The Xbox version of 7 Days to Die isn’t the same as the PC version. It’s stuck on a years-old build of the game after Telltale Games first closed in 2018 (that studio had the rights to the console version of 7 Days to Die at the time). 

The Fun Pimps (the team behind the game) got the rights back for the console version and are working on a new version of the game that’ll run on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. 

This upcoming version will be running on the same version of the game as the PC version. 

In a February dev diary, the developers touched on the upcoming release of Alpha 22. We don’t have a specific release date yet, but it will be this year. In it, they briefly touched on the new console version:

  • The Alpha 22 update will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles along with Windows/Mac/Linux. 
  • All the features and content will be the same across all platforms. 
  • This will be an entirely new version of 7 Days to Die. That means you’ll have to purchase it again on console. The devs “are in talks hoping to offer a discount for players that own the old 2016 release.” But I would go in assuming you’ll have to pay full price for this new version. 

The Fun Pimps were at Pax East 2024 recently, showing off the PS5 version of the game. You can see the Alpha 22 version displayed in the top right of the footage. 

Performance looks rough here, but I’m pumped that we’re finally seeing feature parity between console and PC. There’s nothing quite like 7 Days to Die, and it’s fantastic to see console folks finally getting the most up-to-date version of the game.