new Helldivers 2 warbond

A New Helldivers 2 Warbond Is Dropping Next Week, But How Often Can We Expect This?

The folks at Arrowhead Game Studios are running a masterclass on how to support a live-service game. Another premium Warbond DLC is dropping next week and is packed with the usual assortment of democracy-spreading goodies: new guns, armor, capes, and more.

It’s the second premium Warbond we’ve seen since the game’s release back in February. One in March, and now this one coming next week on April 11. What about the next Warbond after this? When will it be released? According to the developers, the goal is to release Warbonds every second Thursday of the month. (from their Discord server)

If they follow this schedule, we can expect new Warbonds on the following dates:

April 11 (Democratic Detonation Warbond)

May 9

June 13

Next week’s Warbond is called Democratic Detonation and more than lives up to its name. The devs are hooking us up with more explosive options to take out bugs and robots. Hell, I’m most excited for the explosive pistol. Nothing is worse than needing to take out one final bug hole only to realize you don’t have any more grenades left to do it. 

We’ll also get our hands on a new thermite grenade. It’ll give us another tool to help take out Helldivers 2’s toughest enemies while running for our lives. 

On the primary weapon side of things, we’ll get another armor-penetrating assault rifle with the BR-14 Adjudicator.

The R-36 Eruptor Rifle puts a spin on the classic bolt-action rifle. Each round explodes into shrapnel on impact. That scope isn’t for looks. You’ll want to keep your distance when using it. 

And how can we have a shooter without an exploding crossbow.

The Democratic Detonation Warbond should cost the usual 1000 Super Credits, which is $10. You’ll also need medals to progress through the Warbond, but those are easy to come by when you play the game and complete the major orders. 

The good news is we don’t have to wait for the new Warbonds for new content. Arrowhead has released several new via in-game events. Expect that to continue while Warbonds will focus on primary weapons and armor. 

Arrowhead also recently increased the level cap so we could see new stratagems locked behind higher levels soon.