It was only a matter of time before someone took a stab at making your everyday bicycle smarter. Introducing smrtGrips, an interchangeable system that fits both standard and lock ring setups.

Features are abundant in the Indiegogo campaign. Eyes-free navigation is perhaps the biggest. Using haptic feedback, it sends a pulse to the corresponding grip, letting you never miss your turn, or nail a curb, while looking for directions.

Another is bike tracking. If you live in the city, you know that’s a major concern. The app works with both iOS and Android to help you track it down. Just tap ‘ring my bike’ and it sends a signal. The smrtGrips system also uses the power of people. If another smrtGrip user passes close to your bike, you get an alert. It’s probably better to have GPS, but an interesting feature.

If you bike with a club, or on a tour, the system will keep track of the group, and alert if there’s any separation. This would be great for biking tours in major cities. Safe and easier to keep tourists corralled.

Off-road Capability

One of the concerns with smart technology is durability. smrtGrips solves the issue with lock clamp grips. They are rubberized, don’t rotate and built to take a beating. Perfect for those trail escapes.

The entire system is remarkably light. A pair of the grips weigh less than 190 grams. Battery life depends on level of use. If you are a daily commuter, using the bike about 2 hours per day, a single charge should get you to three months.

The range of smrtGrips is 330 feet, and is waterproof. Try not to drop it off a bridge to test this, as the system is rated to 10 meters.

So, when does it come out? The thing with crowdsourcing is there’s always a bit of waiting involved. smrtGrips is scheduled to come out in July-August 2015. Check out the Indiegogo campaign today.


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