Beer bikes popping up in Sacramento and San Diego have operated in a legal gray area for some time. California’s Senate passed Sen. Richard Pan’s bill that would create safety standards for the bike buses.

The idea behind beer bikes? Think bike tours in your favorite city. Now add stops to the best bars and restaurants. Killer idea for those visiting areas but have no idea on the best dives and restaurants to hit.

And, it makes for a hell of a date idea for the beer fans out there.

Before SB530, there was no law on the books defining the type of vehicle. It created legal uncertainties and exposed operators to liabilities.

While the Senate has approved the bill, it still has a few hurdles. The Assembly gets the next crack at it before it reaches the desk of CA’s governor. With a unanimous vote in support in the Senate, prospects are good for the bill to become law.

Here’s what SB530 does

Number one? It creates a safety standard for the new bike buses, allowing 15 passengers to pedal along at slow speeds. It gives the operators a chance to grab insurances and protects them from legal liabilities.

Two? It leaves the question of alcohol up to the city or municipality. The allowance of alcohol on the beer bikes is left to the local level. Operators will have to educate their riders on the ins and outs when ordinances pass.

beer bike tours california

For businesses such as the Sac Brew Bike, the legislation is welcome. While the legislation adds regulation to the business, it moves the growing tour niche out of legal gray areas.

What do you think? If you’re in California, would you like to hop on the beer bike? A little fitness with your craft beer.

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