PangeaBed Mattress – Human Tested. Border Collie Approved [Review]

Every mattress-in-a-box company has an angle. PangeaBed is the first to go after the fact the mattress you’ve had since college is disgusting. We produce 26 gallons of sweat in bed every year. Scientists are now studying if it’s our beds causing allergies and after one night, our beds have a staggering amount of bacteria, fungus and dead skin. Yep, now I’m puncturing a Lysol can and rolling it into my room.

So, the marketing is to scare us from sleeping? No, it’s to show you there’s a better way. PangeaBed is the first to incorporate copper in an antibacterial, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic layer. How do you like that 26 gallons of sweat?

In addition to keeping the bed clean, the copper-infused Talalay Latex used in each mattress goes through a multi-stage cleaning process. Water jets washing away residual soaps, curing agents, and proteins.

Breaking Down PangeaBed

Four layers make up each mattress:


1. Cover: The quilted foam cover adds to comfort and style of the bed. Where most companies just tack on a simple knit cover, PangeaBed went for a luxurious feel right out of the box.

2. Top Comfort Layer: Here’s where the Talalay Latex comes in. We know the antibacterial properties, but the latex used is known for its superior pressure point relief. The mattress has excellent breathability so we can all say goodbye to sleepless hot nights.

3. Transition Layer: A proprietary phase change gel infused memory foam is combined with Talalay Latex for additional comfort and durability.

4. Base Layer: The base of each PangeaBed mattress is a solid foam core. The company takes a dig at companies who use egg crate foam to cut corners. We won’t call out names, but I see what you did there, PangeaBed.


It takes five minutes. I used the enclosed safety knife, and within minutes, the mattress is ready to rock. PangeaBed recommends 30 minutes, but mine was good to go within 10. One welcome surprise is it didn’t have that new mattress smell. If you’ve ever dealt with a mattress-in-a-box, you probably remember the first day has that weird smell. Not a problem here.

PangeadBed stup

How Does it Sleep?

With setup is out of the way, now comes the pivotal part. How does it sleep? I had been using a mattress-in-a-box from QVC (don’t ask) and PangeaBed blew it out of my bedroom. The mattress sleeps fantastic. It has the perfect mesh of soft but firm that’s damn near impossible to find.

PangeaBed mattress in use

As for the claims to keep you cool at night? Spot on and a basic necessity for me. I’ll spare you the details on my medical history (I’m a walking House episode), but for whatever reason, the universe decided to make me suddenly heat intolerant. And I live in Alabama. The irony is both hilarious and miserable in the summer.

PangeaBed keeps up its side of the bargain by keeping me cool at night. And maybe too comfortable. Talk about a struggle to get out of bed. Mission accomplished PangeaBed. It’s that damn comfortable.

PangeaBed and Border Collies

I would be remiss if I didn’t include my two border collies in a review. It should be noted that they have their own memory foam dog beds. Do they use them? Nope, they prefer human beds. And a picture speaks a thousand words:

PangeaBed and border collies
And to think I actually had the bed made up. Supposedly, border collies are working dogs.

Border Collie Approved.


A Twin hits $645 up to the California King price of $1,045. The unit I tested was a Queen priced at $895. Like most online mattress companies, PangeaBed has a constant $75 off any mattress. The mattress only comes in Medium in terms of softness/firmness, which should be a sweet spot for most sleepers. And be sure to add a few copper pillows to the equation.

The company is up against the seemingly endless companies offering the mattress-in-box. And that’s why the pricing is a good $200 less than most of the competition.

While I think the one firmness mattress suits most, it’d be nice to see PangeaBed expand their offering. It’s a tough market with even the old mattress companies like Tempurpedic and Sealy entering the niche dominated by the omnipresent Casper. What PangeaBed did was take what the industry was doing wrong and improve each aspect of the mattress.

Wrapping Up PangeaBed

Here at News Ledge, we are just starting our review series on the best mattress-in-a-box companies, and it was damn nice to start off with a great mattress. And one that won’t break the bank.

If you don’t have a set firmness requirement of ‘sleeping on rocks’ or ‘sinking into a bed,’ it’s a great company to choose. PangeaBed hits that happy middle. It lives up to the hype of keeping you cool. That alone is huge for me. While PangeaBed makes zero medical claims, its ability to keep me cool is the biggest reason I love the mattress. Most people will like the feature; I actually need it.

Now all I have to do is move two border collies out of the way, and I’m good for the night.

**PangeaBed provided the mattress for this review. None of the PangeaBed links are affiliate links.**

PangeaBed Mattress – Human Tested. Border Collie Approved [Review]