Bel & Bel Office Chair Meets a Vespa Scooter

Bl & Bel scooter chair

This is one way to repurpose old scooters. Old 1980s Vespa scooters serve as the inspiration for Spanish design studio Bel & Bel. Who says the cubicle can’t be enjoyable?

The chassis is turned into a swivel chair that would make any Vespa fan happy. Yeah, those are the lights off the same scooter.

It’s not just looks from Bel & Bel. Ergonomics and comfort are as paramount as the aesthetics. Each numbered chair reclines and features a reinforced structure to ease away the aches and pains of typing all day.

Need to adjust the height? Done. The imitation leather forms the seat, and soft tread silent wheels means your coworker won’t even hear you coming down the hallway. How do you not have office races if the place is outfitted with scooter chairs?

The chairs are a limited edition run and available in a variety of colors. You can contact Bel & Bel if you are looking for additional customization. It pairs nicely with the company’s Zero Scooter.

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