Ok, this looks like something that has been left under the heat lamp for about two weeks. It turns into a science project, and some marketing person walks by and goes I bet people would buy it if it was fresh.

The Kuro Burger is debuting in Burger Kings across Japan. The black bun is made from bamboo charcoal, so it looks like your stomach is getting pumped while eating. That’s always nice. Two birds, one stone.

It also comes with cheese colored with bamboo charcoal, dusted with black pepper and onion and garlic sauce made from squid ink. Ok Burger King, we get it. You wanted the whole damn thing black.

Protip to finish this off. Send it through the flame broiler twice and the patty will be charcoal too.

burger king kuro burger

Currently, there are no plans to bring this stateside, because the company has some sense. As for Japan’s residents and tourists to the island nation, you better hit the value meal soon. The Kuro Burger is available on September 19 and will only be for sale for a limited time. You get the Kuro Black Pearl and Kuro Black Diamond as options.

You know, activated bamboo charcoal could come in handy for all fast food. It could get rid of the regret you feel after polishing off enough Taco Bell to hospitalize you.


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