Have $16 million lying around? You can be the person to snap up Calvin Klein’s ultra-private Miami beach house. Oh, and you’ve earned yourself a new best friend.

Yeah, being rich has it’s perks. He managed to buy privacy in Miami.

What does the price tag get you? Well, 5,802 square feet of house along with outdoor dining areas that bump the living area to nearly 8,000 square feet. Five bedrooms, seven and a half baths, a beautiful courtyard and, of course, a garage. You have to keep the collection somewhere.

Is it just me, or would it be fun to own a few Kias and park them out front? Just for the laughs.

Design wise, the house is gorgeous. The outside keeps the original Spanish feel while stepping inside it’s all about a clean, modern look. It makes sense; it’s Calvin Klein’s house.

Though, rich people do have a tendency to decorate on the bell curve of wealth. Trailer park chic to awesome interiors. Once people hit super wealthy, it seems the trailer park chic comes and bites them in the ass, and it’s a gaudy mess.

Here, the furnishings and antiques are all done by designer Axel Vervoordt. The house looks great and has a very zen feeling. If you don’t feel completely at peace, the infinity pool framed by bamboo on either side should set you at ease.

calvin klein infinity pool

Until you remember you just dropped $16 million on a house. Ever curious what the property taxes run for a house like this? In 2014, the property tax bill alone was north of $100K.

Still, if I hit the Powerball, consider me sold.

calvin klein beach house living area

calvin klein beach house kitchen

calvin klein miami beach house

miami beach house calvin klein

Images: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

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