What happens when you combine a stone wall blocking sunset views, a tree and two designers? They make climbing the tree as easy walking up the stairs. Well-designed, sleek stairs. Did you expect anything different from a pair of product designers?

The CanopyStair system is the work of Robert McIntyre and Thor ter Kulve. Sharing a house in the Azores while completing their studies, they quickly tired of having to climb a tree in the garden to watch sunsets over the water. A stone wall was completely blocking their view, so the duo set out to make the tree climbing a bit easier.

Work smarter not harder. Who here is getting any younger? If I can just walk up my favorite tree, I’m 100 percent onboard with that. And, why not build your kid the most badass treehouse entrance ever? Sure, it’s not quite a rope ladder, but that gets old after a bit.

In their final year of RCA’s Design Products postgraduate programme, the pair developed the concept, testing multiple prototypes. The final product is a cast aluminum tripod, lightweight cord, a handrail and a ratchet strap to hold the step in place.

CanopyStair System

Depending on your target tree, you’ll need multiple steps. A great feature is that it does not harm the tree. The straps connect the steps to the tree, so no nailing a frame into your backyard tree. If you’ve seen the portable camping hammocks from ENO, it’s a similar concept.

It’s not for sale yet, but the final product does show promise both for home use and commercially. We’ve all been hiking and seen a tree we would love to climb for a better view.

The CanopyStair offers that and is environmentally friendly. There’s a giant oak tree near the edge of my front yard that is just begging to have these stairs put in. Talk about an amazing view when thunderstorms roll in across Lookout Mountain north of Gadsden, AL.

I’ll update the post with any pricing information and availability.

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