The watch your grandfather wore. A college graduation present. Maybe something your kids gave you. The reasons are endless on why you don’t want to give up your current watch.

chronos smart disc for watches

We all want a piece of technology. A smartwatch without buying a smartwatch. Chronos is setting up preorders for a smart disc that attaches to the back of your watch. All the smart technology you want, zero sacrifice in style.

The Chronos comes in at 3mm thick, making it one of thinnest wearables on the market. It will fit nearly every watch on the market with its 33mm diameter. The attachment of the disc is what grabbed my interest.

Instead of magnets, the company opted to use micro-suction technology. Have a watch collection? You can swap the Chronos between watches to match your day.

Packing Features into 3mm

Using Bluetooth LE, the battery life is good for around 36 hours. Chronos uses wireless charging technology, eliminating the need for ports or replaceable batteries.

Each unit is housed in stainless steel casings, making it water resistant. Notifications are achieved via haptic vibrations and LEDs.


What about the app? It handles both iOS and Android and features the ability to add multiple watches from your collection. Inside the app, you can curate your contacts by order of importance.

Fitness tracking is pretty standard. It syncs fitness data with other apps, allowing you to keep track of basic information. There isn’t a heart rate monitor, but at 3mm thick something had to give.

Gesture control is baked into the Chronos. Double tap to silence incoming calls or change the gesture controls used for various functions such as your camera, music or the incessant text messages.

Chronos Pre-Orders

The discs are expected to ship from the San Francisco-based company in spring 2016. Currently, the company is filling pre-orders at $79 per Chronos.

Want a package deal? The company has partnered with Elliot Havok and Redux to offer Chronos bundles. The Havok bundle is $169 while the Redux COURG is $389. If you opt for the bundle, you will receive the watch in time for the holidays while the Chronos itself will follow in early 2016.

If you wanted a smartwatch without having to spend the cash on one you know will be obsolete within a couple years, Chronos wants to bridge the gap between technology and your favorite watch.

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