The good old days of sharing the family photo album with close friends and family may be back. Digitally at least. You are going to have to trade the Kodak moments for Facebook’s codenamed Moments app.

So far, Facebook brass is running silent on the rumored app, but the app is expected to be released into the wild soon. The idea behind the app is to offer the Facebook crowd greater control over sharing private messages and photos. Yes, ‘that one night’ will only be seen by your closest friends, versus the whole world, potentially.

On the usability front, the UI of the app is expected to arrange people into groups. This will likely be customizable, as the default settings won’t be what most users want. It’s a good idea by Facebook to take advantage of the recent backlash of messages being broadcasted too widely.

Messages that most would want to send to select people would be birthday party invitations, baby photos and the like. Last thing you want is your kid’s small birthday party turning into something that looks like a block party.

Of course, Facebook users have had access to Facebook Groups for a while now. It’s just that the system is onerous on the user, and Moments would seek to fix that.

One issue that will start to crop up if Moments is released is the sheer number of apps from Facebook. I get stripping some functionality out to grab new verticals, but the family tree of Facebook apps is growing rather fast.

Oh, and Facebook probably wants to change the name before going live. It’s a copy of Tinder Moments. Sorry, you shouldn’t be thinking of dating hookups when sharing a family photo album.

We will update this post if and when there’s official comment or a release date for the app.


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