You can’t go wrong with Texas Pete hot sauce, but that isn’t stopping the mad scientists at GE in partnership with Thrillist and Steve Seabury of High River Sauces from upping the ante when it comes to the ‘hot’ in hot sauce.

Meet 10^32 Kelvin. Limited to 1000 bottles, it borrows the name from the temperature scientists believe all matter ceases to exist – absolute hot. Sounds perfect for your morning eggs.

It may look like your standard bottle of hot sauce, but don’t let the red-orange liquid deceive you. It’s liquid death. Contained in the each bottle is a quadruple blow of ‘hating life.’ Habanero and Ghost peppers make up the base.

That alone would be enough to send most screaming for water, milk and bread. Any and everything to attempt to cool you off. How do you go next level? Mix in the two hottest chili peppers on Earth – the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and the Carolina Reaper.

Why? Some people just like to watch the world burn. Or in the case of anyone crazy enough to try it, light themselves on fire. In a nod to its work on high-temperature materials for jet engines, GE is packaging the 1000 bottles in ‘supermaterials’ to contain the heat.

10^32 Kelvin Hot Sauce

Proving it’s the hottest around, GE turned to science. The team compared various hot sauces in the 280 nm wavelength to measure capsaicin levels. It goes without saying, 10^32 Kelvin emerged the victor.

GE absolute hot sauce from Thrillist

Want a piece of hot sauce history? Thrillist is offering the 1000 bottles today for $20 each. I give it less than 24 hours before these pop up on eBay for exorbitant price points.

Remember the bottle if you happen to see it over at a friend’s house. The last thing you want is the innocuous ‘hey, try this’ scenario. Your body will thank you.

The bottles are on sale now over at GE/Thrillist.

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