Nice to know it’s not only NASA sitting around thinking shit up. We also have Harry’s, the razor shave club that doesn’t involve a dancing bear. Before you worry the company stuffed a battery in the handle; that didn’t happen.

The next-generation of Harry’s razors put all the features you love in store-bought brands and puts the distinctive Harry’s spin on it. Those clamoring for a trimming blade on the back will be pleased by the new razor. You wanted it, Harry delivered. They don’t know how to fail.

One of the chief complaints on the originals is they were a bit of pain to clean. Improved spacing between the blades helps keep your mug smooth. A springier hinge handles the odd facial structure. And the grip? Both the metal and plastic models get a bit grippier.

Harry's Razors features

Oh, and one more thing. The new blades? They fit your old handle. I’m not one to name names – Gillette – but it’s about damn time. This shouldn’t be heralded as a feature, but it speaks to the major companies deciding it’s a great idea for you to have to mortgage a house when buying razor blades.

If you’re new to Harry’s, the company keeps the razor stylish and the blades cheap. Apologies to those that love the neon green look. The closest you’ll get is the stylish orange Truman set. Or opt for the die-cast zinc and polished chrome of the Winston.

Price? A set of four cartridges sets you back $8. Yeah, try that one with a fusion razor. Not happening. Harry’s new blades are on sale now and come with free shipping. Don’t even have to leave the house. Now that’s technology…

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