Survivalism. Prepper. Homesteader. Whatever term you use, prepping is all the rage. 2012 has come and gone, but the movement has morphed into more realistic scenarios. Economic collapse. Wars. Pandemics. The list is endless, and if you get too wrapped up in it, you might fall into the Kool-Aid.

What about the rich survivalist? Maybe grabbing paracord and a firestarter just ain’t their thing. Good news. Someone is selling a $17.5 million bunker in Tifton, Georgia. Hey, just cause the world has gone to hell doesn’t mean you have to give up the badass kitchen, right?

Luxury Survival Bunker

$17.5 million isn’t exactly cheap, so what do you get? A 2-story, 12-bedroom bunker that can shrug off a 20 kiloton nuclear blast. Getting serious. Three-foot-thick hardened concrete handles whatever the nuclear holocaust throws your way. It will also withstand earthquakes and those random asteroid impacts.

Damn you Bruce Willis. You said you’d make 800 feet.

Ok, the nukes are covered. What about air? A secure HVAC system is included to ensure you’re still breathing until the food runs out. A private water supply and solar power capabilities keep you hydrated and the lights on. Unless someone drops a nuke on Tifton, GA.

I know they make rugged solar panels, but not that rugged.

One Percent Survivalism

Enough about what it can withstand, what about living the good life? The twelve bedrooms also feature five bedrooms for staff. Hey, $17.5 million means you have the cash not to clean up after yourself.

The bunker also has a conference room, computer room, commercial kitchen, home theater, library, a workshop and rec room.

What about Netflix? Two dedicated DSL lines with a static IP address. Granted, you’ll want the library stocked. If the bombs fall, Comcast isn’t going to be around to fix your connection issues. Makes the DSL lines a bit worthless in a nuclear war, but useful if the survival scenario is a pandemic.

It’s the south, and no southerner would be without the firearm collection. A 100-yard shooting range is on the 20-acre property. Protip? You will want to sight in the scopes before the mushroom clouds appear. Not after.

[divider]In the Market?[/divider]

For those survivalists who have read the forums and books, the OpSec is decent. The listing doesn’t disclose the address. You have to contact Harry Norman Realtors to schedule a showing.

You’d think a price tag of $17.5 million the decor would be more HGTV and not the local extended stay. Maybe HGTV can make a new show. Survival Brothers…

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