Nemo just blasted out a memo to call off the search. The fish has found his home, and it’s Swedish designed.

Aquariums. We all love them until it comes time to figure out cable management. Is the filter system seriously that loud? I’m all for block design, but damn, we need some options. Yeah, I’ve been converted into an HGTV fan. What is it about hitting 30 you all of the sudden give a damn about interior design?

Norrom Aquariums, a Swedish company, has our back. Aquariums with design flair for days and the technology integrated to make each whisper quiet. Leave it to Sweden to figure how to make the aquarium awesome again.

Norrom Aquariums

Number one issue with owning an aquarium? Cables. And more cables. Did I mention cables? The lighting system involves an unsightly cable dangling from the top of your fish tank.

Charles Törnros, the owner of Norrom, was tired of the cables so he flipped aquarium design on its head. The lighting system is powered through the base of each tank, eliminating the wires. Each Norrom has an energy-efficient LED system that outputs nearly 500 lumens of white light. Go nuts with the dimmer to create whatever ambience you desire.

Another issue with lighting is glare. Hard to explain unless you’ve owned one, but most of us will recognize the shimmering effect. A bubble tube was installed not only for circulation, but to evenly distribute the light.

Filters. Ah, the bane of all aquarium fans. The company has solved the issue by tucking the filtration system below the rocks in its own compartment. There’s room enough for an air pump to keep the design sleek.


It’s Swedish. That alone should be sufficient. Each Norrom is built around a simple 45-litre cylinder – that’s 12 gallons in American (I’ll admit to using Google). Don’t want to see the waterline? Neither did Charles and his team. The custom lids are designed to create a seamless look.

Options for the designer in us are limitless. Choose from the increasing range of handcrafted options out of Norrom. Zebranowood? Done. American walnut? You bet.

Can’t decide or you’ve collected more paint swatches than you care to admit? Opt for the unfinished wood lid and paint it yourself.

What about the tech nerds among us? Feel free to 3D print any design you can imagine for the base and top. Thanks, Charles. Now I want to fill my house with these. An American walnut and one to go crazy with a 3D printer. To start with…

Locally Manufactured

Designed in Sweden, each Norrom is assembled in the UK. Pricing starts at around $390. What about aquarium aficionados across the pond in the States? I talked to Charles, and we will see the Norrom stateside later this year. Right now, it’s an incompatibility issue with our wall outlets.

Luckily, the issue is being worked out, and we should see movement soon. Right on. If you live in Europe and are looking for a fish tank or an aquarium for other animals, there isn’t one that’ll turn heads like this.

You know it’s something when Nemo packs it in and settles for the Swedish life.

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