Notice your Instagram feed filled with friends, tastemakers and influencers showing off a Shore Projects (United States shop) watch? You’re not alone. The young watch brand has taken rich British history and melded it with quality without the price tag.

Smartwatch that lacks discernable battery life, or enough British style to make you start browsing hotels? An easy choice every time.

With multiple collections out, the company is focusing on its line of interchangeable watch straps. Leather, mesh, classic straps and silicone have all seen successful launches. Next?

Merino wool. Yeah, it caught my eye too. I love Merino wool but as a watch strap? My interest was piqued.

Luckily, my curiosity found a home with Shore Projects, and Jasmin Powell (European Retail Manager at Shore) sat down to talk about the design process of choosing merino wool, manufacturing and the future of the company.

Shore Projects Merino Wool Launch

Can you explain the process behind picking Merino as Shore’s new line of watch straps?

As a young brand, we’re very aware of fashion trends. Merino wool has been a popular choice for winter fashion for some time now, so we wanted to find a way to incorporate this into our designs.

We decided on Merino wool because it has a lovely texture, feels soft on the skin and is a very unique choice for a watchstrap. We are one of the first brands to use Merino on our straps, and so far we have had great feedback, so we’re very glad we did!

Can you explain the manufacturing process?

The wool straps are constructed using traditional handcrafted methods combined with innovative modern technology. Our manufacturers reinforce the merino wool with the finest Italian leather, to ensure that a highly durable material supports the lovely, soft texture of the wool.

Are there plans to introduce additional colours?

The colours of the first wool strap collection were inspired by the British winter, so we kept the colour palette representational of British heritage, with colours such as classic burgundy and dark grey.

The collection has received a great response, and will be launched in Paris Fashion week in a pop-up by “Appearing Here’. We are constantly designing colourful strap collections, so perhaps next winter we will release a new merino wool strap with an updated colour palette.

As strap lines are introduced, how do you envision owners interchanging them?

One of the most exciting features of Shore Projects watches is the innovative strap mechanism that makes it easy to swap straps on a daily basis, so the look of your watch can change in just a few seconds.

We envision people buying a watch and strap originally, and then as time goes on collecting additional straps, which means they achieve many different styles from one watch face.

What’s next for Shore Projects?

This spring we are making the Gift Box available to retailers for the first time, whereas previously it had only been available on the Shore Projects website. I think personalising your style is a really important trend at the moment, and we want our customers to be able to create their own unique looks with their Shore Projects watch.

The Gift Box includes a watch face and three straps, so it’s a great way to give someone not only a watch, but the additional straps mean it becomes a very versatile gift – you essentially get three different looking watches in one. We are also thinking about offering personalised engraving soon too!

Busy times for the young company. Look for our review of the Shore Project watches in the coming days. Be sure to follow the company on the usual social media spots – Facebook, Twitter and of course, Instagram.

And special thanks to Johann, Ingrid and Jasmin for reaching out and the interview.

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