And they say survival tools can’t be stylish. Thankfully, SlideBelts missed that memo. The company’s latest belt, dubbed the Survival Belt, is all about taking your everyday carry and putting it on your waist. Don’t worry, no phone holster to be found. I know it’s tempting, but no.

Instead, the Survival Belt hits all the right notes as a normal belt and not looking like you are more than a little paranoid. The belt looks like something you would find at a Banana Republic – if there were an ex-Marine in charge of design.

Style of Survival Belt

It’s time your belt does more than struggle against second dinner. And if you ever find yourself out in the woods with no supplies, it has enough to get you back to civilization.

Surviving With Style

What looks sleek at first glance quickly turns into a survival tool when you detach the ratchet buckle. It immediately becomes a multi-tool complete with a knife, fire starter and LED light.

Oh, and a bottle opener. Hey, you’re not surviving if you can’t pop the top on a cold one. And it’s not a multi-tool unless it can open my beer, light a fire and I can fashion a spear from it. ‘Merica…

Pro tip for the smart asses among us? Acting like you’re taking off your pants to open a beer will lead to some misunderstandings. Know your audience before deciding it would be hilarious. You can thank me later.

bottle opener on Survival Belt

What about the belt? It’s just as tough as the buckle. Each Survival Belt is waterproof, abrasion resistant, UV protected and frost resistant. Translation? It can handle anything you can throw at it.

Looking a little worse for wear? Wipe it down and it’s as good as new. Dirt, mud, oil and blood? Easy there, Dexter…

Survival Belt Price

Available in black, olive drab, desert tan and brown, the Survival Belt retails for $180 as a preorder. Ship dates have the belt on your waist in early September. Those of us not wanting to stuff our pockets with various EDC tools? The Survival Belt hits that happy middle of multipurpose with a ton of style.

The ad is perfect. I know I’m not the only one replacing the voiceover in the ad with Sam Elliott. Guts. Glory. Survival Belt? Works for me.

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