I think we have all seen the videos of people on MonoRovers or UWheels. Think Segway if you took a chainsaw to it. In smart marketing, the people behind brands like UWheels have enlisted the help of models and skateboarders to promote the scooters.

Trust me, the marketing works better than some average person trying to figure out the lean forward and backward. No, your other left…

Now to the story at hand. Wiz Khalifa was arrested by Customs and Border Protection officers at LAX on Saturday for allegedly refusing to get off the board. It’s not a hoverboard. Back to the Future Part 2 showed off a hoverboard.

Real hoverboards today? You need special flooring, or it’s just an advertising prop. Looking at you Lexus.

Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known as Wiz Khalifa, was arrested after he refused to comply with Customs officers. He gleefully took to Instagram and Twitter to criticize the use of force.

3 cops yell stop resisting. Only thing to do is let em know. I'm not resisting, I'm doin what I want.

A video posted by Wiz Khalifa (@mistercap) on

That’s pretty damn funny. No one was hurt, so we get to laugh at the absurdity.

Easy there, buddy. It’s a Segway knockoff that has ankle surgery written all over it.

Customs has released a statement regarding the incident:

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) strives to treat all travelers with respect and in a professional manner, while maintaining the focus of our mission to protect all citizens and visitors in the United States. All travelers arriving into the U.S. are subject to CBP inspection, and for their own safety and the safety of other passengers, must follow officers’ instructions while in the Federal Inspection Service area. CBP officers are conducting their critical national security mission while facilitating the entry of legitimate travelers. An uncompliant passenger or any disruptive behavior could put many at risk in this highly secure area. Privacy laws prevent CBP from discussing specific cases.”

Translation? Don’t be an asshole and listen to what the officers say. You rolling around like a jackass only serves to escalate the situation. Get off the board, tell the officers this is what they’ll be buying their kids for Christmas and call it a day.

As for the hoverboard headlines? It’s a self-balancing scooter. Yeah, not exactly the most marketable phrase you’ve ever heard. Bro, wanna go ridin’ on our scooters? Dude, it has Bluetooth speakers and lights up.

uwheels scooter

Depending on the brand they cost around $600. You can get them from MonoRover or UWheels. For marketing, UWheels is awesome. Just look at their Instagram profile. They literally took the Segway, lopped off the top and made it cool.

Me? I’d somehow end up in the ICU just stepping on one. It’s better if I remain grounded.

In the end, Wiz Khalifa got tackled and arrested for being on a scooter. We all get to discuss how hoverboards don’t exist. Marketing executives marvel at the ability of UWheels and others making scooters into must have items.



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