Fire pits are the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. Its design is meant to complement your home and serve as a centerpiece for entertaining guests or a welcome distraction from that one relative retelling the same story over and over.

Blaze Tower takes the fire pit and puts a unique spin on it. The company’s tagline says it all. More than a fire pit. More than a grill. It’s both. The accessory cooking kit includes a slotted 3/16” steel grilling rack, vent louvers to control airflow and a meat hanging rack. An optional steel base raises the grilling rack to 36” for easy cooking.

Blaze Tower Design

American steel pairs well with American quality. And you don’t have to wear the hat. The 3/16” steel is designed to last a lifetime outdoors. As the years fly by, the Blaze Tower will take on a rich patina to become the focal point outdoors.

Blaze Tower with no base

Blaze Tower design

The tower design also directs smoke out the top and away from you. No more shifting around a fire pit to avoid the smoke. Integrated storage allows you to store logs for your next family event. With the holidays here, it may also serve as your escape.

Blaze Tower Specs and Price

The tower alone is 42 ⅝” tall with the optional tower adding two feet to the overall height. Five sections weighing 45 pounds each assemble with only six bolts thanks to its tab and slot design.

$499 will secure the tower. Options include the $124 base and the $169 accessory cooking kit. The company currently has a Thanksgiving promotion for $75 off your order. Head over and prepare to impress your friends and family. The company makes no guarantees on them ever leaving…

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