The Playstation 3 experiment that was Playstation Home is coming to an end. Starting November 12, Playstation Home will no longer get new content. Playstation Home’s doors will finally close on March 31, 2015 in Europe.

No news on Playstation Home closing down in the U.S., but at this point, it is inevitable.

Sony cites a “shifting landscape” for the closure of Playstation Home. Playstation will release a series of free content packs for Home fans ahead of the permanent closing in March.

Playstation Home was an interesting experiment for Sony. When it was first announced, it seemed like a cool idea. But, it never seemed to figure out what it wanted to be. That’s not to say it wasn’t a profitable venture for Sony. Back in 2010, Playstation Home director Jack Buser called the Playstation Home model “quite profitable.”

Sony is right to close Playstation Home down. These days, games are releasing their own apps to connect with players (Destiny, Watch Dogs, etc). There’s really no reason to keep the service up, especially as their focus shifts to Playstation 4.


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