Are you upping your beer game? Maybe it’s time to do the same with your bottle opener. Sure, damn near every multitool or keyring has a bottle opener. But, they lack style.

What if you could have something that not only popped a cold one but also looked like a piece of art?

Discommon Goods has your back with their Bottle Opener. Trading in the traditional look, the company machined the piece from aerospace aluminum complete with the unique shape and ‘bone lines’ for grip.

Flip it over and you see where the magic happens. A steel coin is machined to fit the body and serve as the opener. Need even more style? You can opt for the limited edition Damascus steel model.

damascus discommom goods bottle opener

Here are the specs:

  • Distinct shape and sculpted pattern design
  • Detailed bone lines for structure, ultimate grip and comfort
  • Hand-chiseled aesthetic machined by CNC heads
  • Machined aerospace aluminum
  • Underneath the base – a flat ‘coin’ is shaped from brushed stainless tool steel, featuring a chamfered edge to help hook any bottle cap with ease
  • Highly sought-after Timascus + Damascus steel will be available in quantities of 20
  • Made in California

Extreme? Maybe. But it looks incredible. Even though it’s constructed to take a beating, I’d be afraid of dinging it or scuffing it up. How much are we talking? The regular model will set you back $140. For the Damascus models? $230.

I know one thing, if you drop the cash for the bottle opener, you may want to watch your klepto-inclined friends. It’s a bottle opener you don’t want to leave in your catchall drawer.

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