Chris Fleming has a window into my house. His Company is Coming video is essentially everything my brother and I do when my parents are coming home. Our name for it? The scramble.

It’s a mad dash to make sure everything is presentable. It’s also a game of ‘what would mom do?’ house cleaning tips. In other words, is the couch ‘mom’ clean or a pair of 30-year old’s version of clean?

Trust me, the separation between the two versions is vast. Even when I’m cleaning on Adderall and suddenly become obsessed with dismantling the laundry room. Don’t ask…

It’s just over two minutes of everything you think when someone comes to visit. Your world into house cleaning tips you wish you could use.

You know you have it bad when people recognize what’s going on. Outside pressure washing the house? Yeah, the parents are coming. Why does that involve pressure washing the entire house? No clue. Welcome to our world.

company is coming

I kid. Our parents are the greatest. But everyone knows I’m right on the ‘mom’ clean. Wait… I didn’t even know that came off to dust.

One of my favorite parts? Him screaming to get rid of the couches. No one can know we sit. If you haven’t thought that at least once when relatives are coming over for Thanksgiving, you’re lying to yourself.

There can’t be any sign of living here. Hell, I do that every time I don’t recognize a car in my driveway. Is that one of my crazy uncles? Everyone hide.

As for the throwing everything out Chris? Yeah, our mom will happily do that for you. Brand new set of whatever with dust on it? Toss it. I think that’s why I have nervous energy. Move to live…

Give the video a watch. Every line is what goes through your mind. Holidays are approaching, and company is coming.

Chris Fleming will be bringing his Gayle Waters-Waters character to Boston on November 20.

Me? I’m going to pressure wash the house. Why? You guessed it. Our parents are coming.

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