When you think of KFC, you’re probably wondering why can’t you eat the packaging too? It has the same grease content, and the nutritional value may be on par. I kid KFC, but they are trying something new. Edible coffee cups.

Before you recoil in horror, just wait a minute. The idea is a partnership between KFC and Seattle’s Best Coffee. The cup will be made from a wafer, coated in sugar paper and lined with heat resistant white chocolate. All packaging should have this description.

“We have been experimenting with edible packaging to see if it could be a feasible product to bring to market in limited quantities,” Jocelyn Bynoe, brand manager for Yum’s international operations, said in a statement.

The pilot tests will occur about the same time KFC fully introduces Seattle’s Best Coffee in their stores. According to the company, the edible cup addresses a couple emerging trends in the food industry.

One is the customer demand for environmentally friendly packaging. Nothing says prevent climate change like eating a coffee cup. The second is simplicity. Yes, we are so lazy we’d rather just eat the packaging at this point.

KFC Edible Coffee Cup

Dubbed the Scoff-ee Cup, it was designed in partnership with the Robin Collective, a “purveyor of curious events and experimental food.” Sounds like my dream job.

Here’s how the cup works. Your coffee melts the chocolate lining and softens the wafer. Think of it like dunking your biscotti in coffee. Same concept, except here you eat the cup.

The two companies have even dosed each cup with a variety of aromas including “Coconut Sun Cream,” “Freshly Cut Grass” and “Wild Flowers.” I must be the only person in the world that does not like the smell of freshly cut grass.

The aromas were designed to evoke the feeling of warm weather, sun and summer holidays.

So, you’re probably wondering what stores get it first? The test is occurring in the U.K. first. I know, the United States is left out for a bit. Don’t worry, I’m sure we will have Dorito flavored taco packaging in no time.


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