New ‘Anthem’ Trailer Covers The Basics And Looks Good Doing It

Anthem looks good, really good, but the jury is still out for most of us if it plays the same way. Today, BioWare and EA revved up the marketing machine a bit more with the first in a series of videos titled “This is Anthem.” Take a look at more than six minutes of Anthem action.

First thought, can we please get a dedicated Iron Man game?

Second, please be good.

It’s hard not to get pumped after watching this trailer, so props to the marketing team on that one. If you want to see more on the customization front, check out the developer livestream I embedded below.

It’s hard to say how well Anthem will do in keeping us engaged long-term based on trailers and livestreams. That’s something we won’t know until at least the first few weeks post-launch. Anthem’s endgame activities will need to be robust to keep folks playing especially since the game lacks PvP. BioWare next entry into this video series will shed light on what they describe is its “massive endgame.”

One thing I am digging is how we can change Javelin suits without it being tied to a character. That was one of my biggest issues with Destiny. I didn’t feel like trudging through the story to get another character leveled up. It’s easier for Anthem to do this from a setting standpoint since your character can climb in and out of various suits.

It’s going to be fun watching EA and Ubisoft duke it out to see who can appeal to loot shooter fans the most. Anthem is coming February 22 with The Division 2 following closely behind on March 15. Ubisoft has the experience and PvP, but Anthem has the better setting for a loot shooter. I like The Division, but a random dude with a baseball bat shouldn’t be a bullet sponge.

We’ll see how both games tackle the shooter sub-genre and what new stuff both bring to the table.