Prescription eyewear has to set itself apart somehow. Price? Yeah, been there. Done that. Got the Salt frames to prove it. Hey, they are handcrafted in Japan…

Oakley is working another angle. Optimal fit. No one has to ask an eyeglass wearer if they get irritated at the fit of their specs. All the damn time. Take it down to the vision center and watch them bend the frames at all angles while wondering is my head really that asymmetrical?

Dubbed TruBridge, the new tech from Oakley promises a better fit thanks to interchangeable nose pads. The right nose pads pull double duty by eliminating cheek contact of the frame, and by giving you a centered line of sight.

Specs of Oakley's TruBridge Technology

Oakley TruBridge Frames

Four frames will feature the new offering – Crosslink MNP, Chamfer MNP, Marshal MNP and Cloverleaf MNP.

Crosslink MNP: This enhanced version of one of the best-selling Active Sport frames in prescription eyewear gets a universal fit with Oakley’s innovative TruBridge Technology nose pads. The true crossover design that combines Crosslink Pitch and the original Crosslink creates a sporty lifestyle look, enhanced with performance features to get you to the next level in sports and fitness.

Chamfer MNP: One of Oakley’s global best-sellers, this classic rectangle design now comes with the adaptable fit of TruBridge Technology nose pads for a fit that feels custom made, no matter what your face shape is. With two extra sets of icons included, change the look of Chamfer MNP in seconds, bringing a fresh style to life on the go.

Marshal MNP: The style and comfort of Marshal MNP create a look of self-expression for all face shapes — perfect for everyday, all-day wear. This in-demand lens shape and lightweight and durable frame comes with TruBridge Technology nose pads in four sizes for an uncompromised personalized and comfortable look.

Cloverleaf MNP: Following the trends of a rounder shaped frame, Cloverleaf MNP blends a dash of retro with intellectual cool. The subtle lines of its clean, straight temple design are paired with smoothly rounded lens orbitals and TruBridge technology for a fit that provides all-day comfort.

One day I’ll break down and have Lasik, but the whole laser in the eye thing creeps me out. Especially when it’s still robot-assisted and not completely automated. I’ll trust the machine over depending on the doctor not to have an ‘oops moment.’

Until then? A mix of glasses and contacts.

Availability is listed as coming soon to Oakley stores and vision centers that carry the Oakley brand. A quick check shows that most retail shops expect to have the TruBridge technology quickly.

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