PUBG Season 4 Patch Will Finally Let You Move While Healing

PUBG Season 4’s big headline feature is the visual upgrade to Erangel, but the folks at PUBG Corp are adding some solid quality-of-life changes to the gameplay too. With the PUBG Season 4 patch (4.1), you’ll be able to heal while moving. But, you’ll be limited to walking speed only – similar to the way it works in Apex Legends or Ring of Elysium.

Here’s the full list of tweaks to the healing system coming in Season 4.

Healing and boost items can now be used while moving.

  • You’ll be limited to walking speed only.
  • Press the use or run/jump keys to cancel healing/boosting.

Bandages will now be used continuously until player fully heals to the maximum of 75% health, or runs out of bandages, without the need to manually use bandages multiple times.

  • Press the use or run/jump keys to cancel healing.

First Aid Kits can no longer heal additional damage you receive after the healing starts.

  • Previously, if damage was taken after the 2-second healing period had started, any additional damage received would be healed if the total healing amount was still 75% or less.

These aren’t radical gameplay changes, but they are fantastic tweaks compared to the old system. Before, you could slightly shuffle around while healing – but that also meant sometimes you would accidentally cancel it because you moved an inch too much. Now, you can always heal while trying to avoid getting shot.

There are a lot more small, but good changes in this patch. The Micro-Uzi gets Red Dots and Holos now. A visible tracer is being added to Crossbow shots to gauge your shots better. And a slew of small buffs and nerfs to weapons and vehicles. Check out the full patch notes for all the changes.

One other change I like is what PUBG Corp is doing with the Blue Zone on Erangel. PUBG’s mid-game has always been one of my biggest issues with the game. Too often there’s a 5-10 minute boring lull in the action as you make your way to the safe zone.

The devs are approaching this issue from a couple of different directions. First, the size of the safe zone during the early phases will be smaller. The smaller size will be paired with a shorter wait time between safe zone phases. But to prevent the game from becoming too fast, the movement speed of the Blue Zone during the mid and late-game has been decreased.

The PUBG Season 4 patch is live right now on the Test Server. It’ll hit regular servers on July 24. We also got our first official glimpse of the story behind Erangel in a slick cinematic trailer. Check it out below.