Science is at it again. Men find women in red more attractive. Research shows that the color red on a woman signals sexual availability to not only men, but to women too. If you’re a guy and married, prepare to be punched when a lady walks by in a red dress.

Adam Pazda, a research psychologist out of the University of Rochester talked about the color and its subliminal message. “Our results suggest that women perceive and behave toward other women in red as if these other women are actively advertising.”

The team of researchers assembled 196 women on two different continents. It was designed to see if wearing red would set off alarm bells with the women. What the researchers described as a ‘moderately attractive woman’ was shown to the participants. Yeah, not sure dubbing the lady as moderately attractive is going to go over so well.

Half of the study participants were shown the woman wearing white, while the others saw her in red. After viewing the woman, a sliding scale of statements were presented. They included pretty much everything including “this person is interested in sex.”

After the study, it was proven again that the woman wearing red was perceived as more sexually receptive. The statement held true even if the study participants were in a committed relationship. So men better be prepared to avert their eyes.

Researchers were quick to caution that this doesn’t mean that all women wearing red were advertising their sexual availability. Red could just be their favorite color. What the research does show is how men and women perceive the color on women. Women who are wearing red now know why they are getting increased smile from men and possible death stares from women.

It turns out we may be hardwired for the color red.


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