The Airbnb of camping? Pretty sure no one wants to use the ‘uber for whatever’ anymore. Tentrr is more like a giant easy button for camping. No digging through the garage for the tent. Where did you leave that other sleeping bag? Camp stove? Be real. We all know those things grow legs and escape.

Tentrr Details

The beauty of the site is you just load up the car with your friends or family. Ok, maybe some of the family. Once at one of the 50+ campsites spread across New York, you’re greeted with a platform deck featuring a 10’ x 12’ safari-style tent, inflatable queen size cot, a Tentrr Camp box (food prep, dry storage, and picnic table), camp toilet, sun shower and two Adirondack chairs.

Hell, they even throw in a dome tent for the extra people tagging along. You’d know your pecking order in the family if you are relegated to the small tent. All you have to bring is food and people.

tentrr camping

Each of the campsites is located on private land, so no more crowded parks with obnoxiously loud neighbors. Tentrr keeps the family entertained with activities tailored to the site and plenty of extras.

Tentrr Listings

If you’ve used Airbnb before, you’ll get the concept. Book your stay at a variety of spots, add in the extras like a life coaching session and you’re good to go. Everything is setup on your arrival, and you meet your hosts.

Prices start at $100 per night with a two-night stay at the Apple Grove Retreat hitting $276 ($120 per night plus a $26 booking fee). Set on 150 acres, the tent is near a stream with easily accessible trails and plenty of restaurants, breweries and farmers markets nearby.


The easy critique is this takes the fun out of camping and resembles glamping. I’d push back on the notion in that it opens up campsites we’d never get to enjoy due to the private land being used. Sure, the tent is setup and on a raised deck. But ask yourself, what’s the least enjoyable part of camping? Setting up the damn tent. And taking it down when it’s time to leave. All of the busy work is done. Sit back in the Adirondack chair and enjoy yourself. Camping is supposed to be relaxing, not a second job. And Tentrr offers that along with a pretty badass safari tent.

Props to the developers for telling me exactly how far these sites are from Gadsden, AL. Nice touch. 14 hours by car to NY? Not too bad.

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