This is probably one of those things you don’t want to advertise thinking about. A crippling drought in California has the state thinking of all kinds of remedies. Even treated sweage water. See, your dog was on to something before you screamed at him to stop.

Sewage water is typically treated and released back into Pacific Ocean. Under a proposed plan, instead of that release, it would either be allowed to return to the water table, or pumped directly to homes and businesses. Maybe next time, don’t build major cities in a desert. Just a thought.

Currently, California is implementing emergency measures to help drought-stricken communities. Trucking water to the worst cities, drilling additional wells and mandatory water conservation measures. Sorry Scotts, no one will be feeding their lawn this time around. Other measures include a ban on fishing and camping. Anyone else confused on how fishing strips water from the state?

The sewage idea is not new, and is actually being used in Orange County. It actually runs the largest toilet-to-tap system in the world. 70 million gallons of drinking water are created daily through microfiltration, reverse osmosis and a UV/peroxide treatment. I’m pretty sure your normal tap doesn’t even get that treatment.

Orange Country is putting forward a plan to expand facilities to 100 million gallons at a $150 million price tag. California has put up $1 billion in funding and low-interest loans to spur the development of the systems. They draw one-third of the power needed for desalination plants, so it could be the state’s ticket out of its drought woes.

One woe they will have to overcome is convincing residents. Just the label, sewage water, is enough to have noses turned away. It may be a situation where Californian has to act first, and ask for forgiveness later. Conservation measures only go so far when faced with 500-year drought.


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