Westworld Season Three Trailer Welcomes Us to the End of the Game

If there was any doubt HBO wasn’t willing to pour cash into the production Westworld, the trailer for season three should dispel those notions. I mean, just watch it.

Good lord, the production values are off the chart. I’m going to have to say the two-year gap between season two and three looks to be worth the wait. Escaping the park removed every restriction. Want flying airships? Sure. Killer robots? Yep. Skinless hosts? Sure. Hell, I think I saw what looks like a nicer looking Tesla Cybertruck tearing up the streets. Visually, it’s stunning. You can just keep watching it over and over. 

When Ramin Djawadi’s instrumental reimagining of Guns & Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine kicks in, you will get goosebumps. It’s perfectly set to Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) walking up to William (Ed Harris), welcoming him to the end of the game.

So many questions from the trailer. Will Thandie Newton’s Maeve really go after Dolores? They are supposed to be on the same side. Who is Dolores searching for? 

Westworld, in general, manifests questions, so be prepared for one hell of a ride in season three of Westworld premiering March 15. Count me in. And I’m off to watch the trailer again.