The Mandalorian Season 2

When Star Wars is good, it’s really damn good. Star Wars fans are enjoying a sweet one-two punch of Star Wars goodness this week. If you missed yesterday’s CG short for Star Wars Squadrons, stop what you’re doing right now and watch it.

This morning, Disney dropped the official trailer for season 2 of The Mandalorian. Baby Yoda? Check. ‘This is the way?’ Check.

Sign. Me. The. Hell. Up. 

It’s not even two minutes, but we get X-Wings, Mando flying, Mando sailing, Baby Yoda, and fight scenes. But boats in Star Wars? Really? Y’all have space ships, why are you sailing? 

And it wouldn’t be a piece of Star Wars medium without a desert and snow planets. I like Tatooine and Hoth 2.0s, but change it up a little bit. Give us some worlds like Bespin, or Ackbar’s homeworld (Mon Calamari). Mando is supposed to be looking for baby Yoda’s home, he better be visiting a bunch of different worlds.

After watching that CG short for Squadrons yesterday, I want to see some more space action. Maybe have Mando stumble across a fleet battle between the New Republic and remnants of the Empire. 

The trailer does a great job hyping up the return of The Mandalorian without giving much away. What’s Moff Gideon up to? How big of a role will Ahsoka Tano play? Who was the mysterious figure at the end of Episode 5 in the first season? There’s still plenty of questions to keep YouTubers busy with theory videos for a while. 

Now, the excruciating wait for October 30th gets even more so.

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