You can’t eat just one, but it may be all you can afford. St. Erik’s Brewery, a famous Swedish microbrewery, has released a limited run batch of the world’s most expensive potato chip as a drinking snack.

How much? $56 for a pack of five. Not your run-of-the-mill Ruffles by any stretch. At $11 per chip, St. Erik’s knew they had to up their game on ingredients. Partnering with the Swedish National Culinary Team, each chip is handmade with the most exclusive ingredients in the Nordics.

Want a chip flavored with matsutake (one of the world’s most sought after mushroom species)? Done. Truffle seaweed from the Faroe Islands? Oh hell yes. Other ingredients include Leksand Onion. Not your typical Whole Foods onion, the variety only grows outside the small Swedish town of Leksand.

exclusive potato chip

Did You Know: The Leksand onions are planted on May 18 and harvested on August 10 each year, regardless of the weather.

Rounding out the ingredient list is India Pale Ale Wort (used in St. Erik’s brewing process) and the Swedish crown dill. Each crown dill was handpicked from the Bjäre Peninsula in southern Sweden.

st erik's brewery potato chip

It can’t be a potato chip without a potato. No hitting the local market for a 5-pound bag. Each potato was selected from the potato hillside in Ammarnäs.

Yes, it all sounds overboard, but St. Erik’s wanted the world’s most exclusive potato chip. Sorry Doritos, you had your moment in the sun. All the revenue generated from the box set of five chips will be donated to charity, so it is for a good cause.

Obviously, the folks at St. Erik’s have been sampling their wares too much coming up with this. While I’m not dropping $56 on five chips, there’s a part of me wanting to try one. Maybe two…

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