Black Ops 4’s Blackout Gets a New, Smaller Map

I hate when real news is sprinkled with April Fools pranks. You can never tell when someone is serious. Luckily, Blackout’s newest trailer is the real deal. We saw it teased in the Operation Grand Heist trailer back in February. Today, we get our first solid look at the Alcatraz map.

One of fans most beloved Zombies maps sets the backdrop for action that Treyarch describes as “both close-quarters combat and long-range exterior firefights as they battle to be the last squad standing.”

Alcatraz hits PlayStation 4 tomorrow, with the usual one-week delay for Xbox and PC folks.

The new map is definitely smaller in scope. Here’s a screen from the trailer showing the entire island.

All my Battle Royale time is spent in Apex Legends these days, but Treyarch is grabbing my attention today. I like when BR games try out something different with a smaller map. You get more action, and more importantly, quicker matches. All those Rocket League matches turned me into someone who’s always on the lookout for faster games. Smaller maps are the perfect way to shave off a few minutes from the usual last squad standing skirmishes.

Details are slim on player count and potential new weapons, but we’ll find out everything tomorrow.

And if you haven’t played Blackout before, Treyarch is making it free-to-play for all of April starting tomorrow. You will still need an Xbox Live/PlayStation Plus to access it, though.