One of the biggest questions surrounding Destiny has been about the endgame raids. Bungie’s Design Lead Luke Smith dished out several new details in yesterday’s weekly update.

Smith described how Bungie is not holding your hand in Destiny’s raids. “By design, we don’t provide much in the way of information to groups in Raids. There aren’t waypoints to follow, or objectives explaining what to do in a given situation,” Smith wrote.

“Realistically, for many players, they’ll be turning to the Internet for help on how to do a bunch of the Raid.”

Bungie is toeing a fine line here. I’m all for figuring stuff out on my own, but other players may not be. We’ll find out soon after Destiny’s release if the Raids are as hard as Bungie says they are.

Raid difficulty is broken up into two separate difficulties: Normal and Hard. Just like Destiny’s Strikes. Here’s Smith describing the different difficulties and what is different between the two.

Normal mode is about learning the mechanics, working together as a team and building strategies to overcome the encounters.

For instance: I’ve gotten a handful of Bungie groups through the Raid on Normal, and you guys (the playerbase) are inevitably better at the game, smarter tacticians, and more clever than we are.

Hard modes demand execution.

In addition to deadlier combatants, tighter tuning windows for encounter mechanics and a handful of targeted differences, Hard-mode encounters leverage an even harsher death penalty than the Normal modes.

Were we to track things like World Firsts, we’d be verifying Hard-mode kills instead of completing the Raid on Normal.

What about people who can’t pour in hours of gameplay every day? You have a week to make it through the raid. Progress will be reset every Tuesday. That’s good. Sounds just like WoW’s raids.

As for loot, each weapon category has a specific Legendary weapon created for the Raid. Looting will be private to you, and Destiny has said trading is not allowed. “And of course, there are more rewards behind the Vault’s door that we won’t detail today,” Smith teases.

There will also be loot tables. Specific drops tied to specific encounters. This should make going after the exact weapon you want a bit easier.

There’s a bit more over at the Weekly Update, but I think I covered the biggest news.

Destiny’s Vault of Glass sounds great. It will be curious to see how console gamers react to raid features most have never seen, though. I want to see if the vaunted difficulty lives up to the hype.


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