Poor Atari. They just can’t seem to shake the past. Earlier this year, a documentary crew found the fabled land fill full of Atari games. That find will be one of the biggest moments of the upcoming documentary, Atari: Game Over.

The documentary will also take an in-depth look at Atari’s rise and subsequent fall. Atari is credited with sparking the start of the video game industry back in the 70s. At the time it was one of the fastest growing American companies ever. Then Atari decided to make a movie tie-in game for E.T. and the rest is history. Even to this day movie tie-in games are mostly garbage.

Check out the trailer below. In it we meet some of the big shots at Atari at the time and the man who created what has been dubbed the worst game ever.

Atari: Game Over is part of Xbox’s now defunct original programming. Xbox users can check out the birth of the video game industry and its crash this fall.


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