Epic Games Store Is Kicking Off The Summer Sale Season Right

I get folks have issues with Epic’s store. Its feature set against Steam is still lacking. There’s been pushback against Epic snagging games exclusively for its storefront. All valid reasons to criticize the company. Today, Epic hopes you’ll forget about your issues with them – at least for a little while. Me? I’m a sucker for any good sale. I don’t care who is offering it.

Their Epic Mega Sale went live today, and there are some damn good deals to be had. Any game over $15 receives an extra $10 off from Epic. NPD’s Mat Piscatella explains why that’s huge for this sale.

With the $10 stacking on top of other sales, some games are seeing huge discounts. Even games that aren’t out yet. John Wick Hex will launch at $20. Today, it’s $8. Hades is $7. World War Z is $20. Metro Exodus is $35. There’s a whole lot of quality games on sale. Everything from great indies to Borderlands 3 is at least $10 off.

I haven’t bought a game yet on Epic’s store. Mostly because I’m still addicted to Battle Royale games like Apex Legends. But that’s changing with this sale. That John Wick Hex price is too damn good to pass up. Plus, World War Z and Metro Exodus look tempting at those price points.

All of that Fortnite money is being put to good use. And hey, if it means Valve feels the heat to do something similar (offer their own price cut on top of sales) – I’m all for it. Competition is a net positive for all of us.

Now, can Epic add some navigation options for this store already? Let us look at games by genre at least.

There also seems to be some bugs going on too. The Division 2 doesn’t show up on the Epic Games Store app, but it’s showing the $10 discount on the website.

The Epic Mega Sale lasts until June 13. Epic is also giving away free games every week starting with Stories Untold today and RiME next week.