Ubisoft Is Announcing Big Ghost Recon News This Week

It sure seems like Ubisoft is teasing the next entry into the Ghost Recon franchise. A tweet went live this morning announcing a “World Premiere event” for Ghost Recon on May 9 at 11:30 am PT.

It could be an announcement for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, but signs are pointing to an entirely new entry. First, Ubisoft’s tweet refers to the overall Ghost Recon franchise. If it was about Wildlands, why not just say it. Second, the “Official Announce Trailer” phrasing points to something entirely new for the Ghost Recon franchise.

Either it’s new mode within Wildlands (like Battle Royale) or its a new game.

Sign me up for a new Ghost Recon. Wildlands was fun, but I missed the heavier multiplayer focus of previous franchise entries. Rainbow Six Siege shows how popular tactical shooters can still be. Give me that awesome tactical action in third-person, but bigger. Not Battle Royale big, but more than 5v5.

Concrete info on what’s coming Thursday is slim, but in-game teases do offer clues. A recent update to Wildlands included a mission revolving around the rescue of a Skeel Tech engineer. This fictional corporation, Skell, has its own website with a video describing a new series of drone products. And the splash page includes the same date for this week’s announcement.

A Reddit user dives a little deeper into the website and its possible clues. We’ll see Ubisoft’s next move for the Ghost Recon franchise on Thursday.