Sean Bean’s track record for staying alive in media isn’t too good. Hell, folks on YouTube have made compilations around all the times he’s died. But Bean gets a second chance at life in Hitman 2, that is until we take it again.

IO Interactive put together a new pack to get players to try out the fantastic Hitman franchise. The Hitman 2 Miami Pack costs $15 and comes with two of the game’s six levels.

Here’s what comes in the package:

  • Hawke’s Bay (campaign mission)
  • Maimi (campaign mission)
  • The Undying Returns Elusive Target (Sean Bean is the target starting May 3 until June 3)
  • Ghost Mode: Miami
  • Sniper Assassin Mode: Himmelstein
  • Spring Break Challenge Pack
  • Current and future Escalation Contracts, Featured Contracts and Elusive Target contacts in Hawke’s Bay and Miami

All this for $15 sounds like a good deal, and it is – but the entire game has been on sale for as low as $30 in the past. Right now, you can grab it for $45 from Amazon and other retailers.

If you’re on the fence about Hitman 2, don’t be. It was one of last year’s best games. But if you still are, give the free Starter Pack a go. It only comes with the Hawke’s Bay mission, but it’s enough to see if the game clicks for you.

If Hitman 2 does click for you, you’re in for a treat for the rest of the year. A couple of weeks ago, IO Interactive unveiled its big plans for 2019. New Sniper maps, mission locales, weapons, outfits, and more are coming soon.

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