Warzone Season 2

Fortune’s Keep Is Almost Back, And So Is Ranked Play In Warzone Season 2

It’s a good time to be a Resurgence fan in Warzone. Season 2 kicks off February 7 and is bringing a whole bunch of content to Modern Warfare 3. For Warzone fans, the big one is the return of Fortune’s Keep, and Ranked Play to Resurgence. 

“The arrival of Fortune’s Keep adds to the active Areas of Operation in Call of Duty: Warzone,” the devs write. 

While Warzone’s playlists next week will likely include a dedicated playlist for Fortune’s Keep, look for the map to enter the Resurgence rotation along with Vondel and Ashika Island too. 

A new trailer alongside today’s big blog post shows us the devs aren’t just bringing the same Fortune’s Keep to Warzone. 

It’s not even a minute long, but there’s much to see: environmental traps, extendable bridges, Wonder Weapons, Zombies, and more. Fortune’s Keep won’t be quite the map we remember from last year’s iteration of Warzone. Ranked Resurgence is also coming for the first time.

Zombies-based power-ups are also coming to Fortune’s Keep for a limited-time during the launch window. From the devs:

  • Double Points: 60-second duration. Doubles Plunder from ground loot and kills, and score events in Resurgence (that contribute to teammate respawn timers).
  • Full Armor: Instant buff. Fully fills your active Armor slots on pickup.
  • Max Ammo: Instant buff. Fully fills ammo for all your carried weapons on pickup.
  • Fire Sale: 90-second duration. Reduces the price of all shop items for a small duration of time.
  • Looting Spree: 60-second duration. Adds bonus items to caches, with a very high chance of a bonus Common item, and a small but significant chance of an additional Legendary item.
  • Zarkour: 60-second duration. Increases movement speed by around 25%, with infinite Tactical Sprint and Reloading while Sprinting, and disables Fall Damage.
  • Undead Sight: 45-second duration. Operators or AI enemies within the range of your vision are highlighted red and friendly squadmates are blue. Tracker footsteps are active.

Even though they won’t be permanent fixtures to Warzone, expect the devs to keep a close eye on the balancing. They even drop a little note below the power-ups saying to “expect possible powerup durations to be adjusted during the Season.”

The devs also dropped some info on some of what’s coming in Season 2 Reloaded including a new killstreak called the Bunker Buster (can pierce multiple floors of buildings to take out opponents inside them) and the return of the Portable Decontamination Station (field upgrade that creates a temporary safe zone inside the gas). 

Ranked Resurgence is the first part of Ranked Play modes coming to Warzone. The devs say to be on the lookout for Ranked mode to come to regular Battle Royale later in the year. Be sure to check out the full blog post that breaks down how Ranked Play works and how many points you’ll get based on kills/performance. 

As I said, there’s a lot coming to Season 2 next week. Besides Warzone, Modern Warfare 3 is getting plenty of attention with new maps, modes, weapons, and more. The only drawback of Season 2 is the lack of Ground War maps again. It’s probably not the most popular mode out there, but it would be nice to get another piece of Urzikstan or a whole new map to play large-scale multiplayer matches on.

Season 2 is set to launch on February 7. Look for more in-depth patch notes and probably another round of weapon balancing as we get closer.