health textbook graphic controversy

Too Graphic? Health Textbook Causes Uproar Over Content

After a parental uproar, the Fremont Unified School District is set to send back a ninth-grade health textbook over claims it is too graphic with sex education. Yeah, because your ninth grader has zero access to the Internet. For now, the book is in a holding process as the district works with the publisher. It may still be used in classrooms.

The college-level book sent residents and parents into outrage mode, with 2,500 demanding it be kept out of the classroom. They fear it would expose teens to sexual fantasies and sexual games. Parents also feared it would expose them to themes such as ropes and handcuffs.

For now, the old textbook will be used, and the teens will promptly use the Internet to figure out what the uproar was over. They are going to get educated on it either way, and now their curiosity has been piqued.

Parents are calling for a formation of a health textbook selection committee. Those damn kids and rock and roll. Wait, that was the parents’ generation.

District Superintendent Jim Morris said the goal was to teaching to state standards in an age-appropriate and objective manner. That was behind selecting this textbook. Obviously the parents didn’t agree, and now they will be seeing their home browsing history light up about handcuffs and ropes.

Funny how trying to hide something exposes it even more. Welcome to the Internet age Fremont.

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