Jon Snow is dead. The issue is in the Game of Thrones universe, what the hell is death? Unless you see someone being burned or their head chopped off, don’t write off the character. Especially if they are a main character.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is prepping the marketing machine. The first teaser poster for the April release is simple and full of imagery. A bloodied Jon Snow.

Jon Snow lives in Game of Thrones season six poster

Wait, everyone said he is truly dead. Producers, executives, actors and anyone else with ties to the show. How dare they lie? Well, they didn’t.

Jon Snow is dead at the end of Season 5. Luckily, who else did we see in the season finale? The Red Priestess. Who just happens to have the ability to bring people back to life.

Why the big deal over his death? It goes to what we know of Jon Snow’s character. He is duty bound to a fault. And that duty was as the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. What releases a person from their oath as a member of the Night’s Watch?

You guessed it. Death. He may know nothing, but you can be damn sure he’ll be happy to point out that fact. He’s dead and free to do as he pleases. Take back the North? Maybe add some validity to the theory he’s a Targaryen?

It’ll be fun to watch. It is also getting into territory where you won’t have your friends who have read the book teasing you that you won’t want to miss this or that. We are all going into this blind.

Game of Thrones Delayed Premiere

You’ll notice there’s not a firm date in April. Game of Thrones has generally grabbed late March as its premiere date. HBO had to push it back due to winter scheduling.

There weren’t any production issues, just a packed schedule. We have too many shows to watch.

Now, if only HBO would pull a Netflix and give us the entire season at once. Hey, a fan can dream.

What do you think about the poster? Excited to see the Jon Snow tease?


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