Multiple stories over the weekend spoke of the challenges facing states in the wake of recreational marijuana legalization in both Colorado and Washington.

The New York Times printed a story on the rise of edibles. Sure, before Colorado’s legalization for recreational use, you had the random story of pot brownies. Funny? Definitely, but it also had unintended consequences.

Today, commercialism has taken hold of the industry. Why sell just the buds when you can sell the entire plant? Extract the THC and infuse the butter in a variety of products.

What type of edibles are we talking about? Pot brownies. Cookies. Lollipops and Marshmallows. Critics will scream the movement is targeting kids. Yeah, because adults don’t eat junk food.

People don’t like to smoke. Consuming the product lowers the barrier for both medical and recreational use of marijuana. What better way than to make them into a snack.

Who is going to buy the marijuana-infused kale salad? It’s a joke California…

marijuana edibles

Demand is pushing the dispensaries to become innovative. That means everything from Mondo’s sugar-free vegan bars to the white chocolate peppermint squares.

It’s hilarious there’s a market for sugar-free vegan bars. Really? You’re consuming marijuana, and you’re worried about the ingredients. Last time I checked Pop Tarts are not vegan-friendly. Maybe Kellogg’s has changed its product line.

Law Enforcement and Edible Marijuana

Here in Alabama, thanks to a general lack of things to do, law enforcement has set up a variety of task forces to combat mail order marijuana.

In the past year, the popularity has grown as people’s medical and general curiosity has brought them to the Internet. Back in February, the postal service flagged a package leading to a seizure of 87 pounds of smokable marijuana and 50 packs of marijuana candies.

What genius thought it was smart to ship nearly 100 pounds of marijuana in one box? Don’t you read the Internet?

Not that I would Google it…

Congress Created DC’s Blackmarket

Earlier this year, DC finally legalized the use of marijuana. There were some caveats. One, you couldn’t buy it. It had to be ‘donated or gifted’ to you. Growing your own was restricted to three plants.

Legal demand, but zero supply. Enter the law of unintended consequences from Congress. After legalization, Congress moved to bar the city from creating a controlled marketplace.

Now, those same lawmakers are blaming city officials for the rise of the black market. How brazen are some of the black market dealers? Samples.

The Washington Post reported on a dealer that goes to upscale areas to pick up prospective clients. A sample bag is ‘donated’ along with a business card. Welcome to your client list thanks to what the dealers are calling the 2015 Dealer Protection Act.

OK, even if you are anti-marijuana, it’s hilarious.

Marijuana Moving Forward

What happens now? People are mail ordering marijuana across the United States. Laws are being blurred. We see the news out of Colorado and equate it with our states. Yay, smoking weed is legal. Wait. No, it’s not.

In the digital age of perception quickly makes way for reality. It’s time for policymakers to act. The war on drugs? Abject failure by any measurement.

The prison system is overrun with minor drug offenders serving absurd sentences.

Marijuana’s tipping point is here. Legalize, regulate and tax. It’s going to happen. States need the revenue. Citizens are shrugging at the laws. And, there are tangible health benefits being discovered.

The United States hasn’t fallen apart over alcohol and tobacco being legal. I’m sure we can make it through marijuana becoming legal.


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