Halo Infinite multiplayer new weapons

343’s Joseph Staten says players haven’t seen all the weapons Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has to offer. “The answer is a resounding ‘no you have not,’” said Staten according to IGN. 

Staten didn’t dive any deeper past that answer, but we do know 343 is at the very least leaning towards weapon variants. 343 took a similar approach with Halo 5’s Warzone multiplayer mode. In that, you could use REQ cards to spawn with more potent power weapons. 

StandardAce put together a series of videos showing off these variants. The new Sniper becomes more like a DMR with a faster rate of fire and a larger magazine. A Sidekick pistol variant takes out Spartans in four shots. And a Gravity Hammer with an even longer range. 

How to use weapon variants in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

1. Set up an offline custom game. Go to ‘Custom Game,’ then ‘Server,’ and select ‘Local Offline.’

2. Change game type to Fiesta. Go to ‘Mode Editor,’ then ‘343 Industries,’ and go to the second page to find ‘Fiesta: Slayer.’

3. Change ‘Sandbox’ settings (within Mode Editor settings). Go to ‘Sandbox,’ then ‘Weapons,’ and make sure ‘Weapon Racks/Placements’ and ‘Power Weapon Pads’ are turned on.

Startup a game, and you can try out some weapon variants for yourself. You may have to pick up a weapon once before its variant loads in. 

I imagine these weapon variants will be reserved for special ‘Fiesta’ type modes. As for new weapons? 343 Industries could always add in a few from previous Halo games. Beam Rifle, classic shotgun, classic plasma rifle, DMR, and Brute Shot, to name a few. Not to mention any completely new guns they decide to add. 

We’re still in the extremely early days of Halo Infinite. And the team is enjoying a well-deserved holiday break, so don’t expect too much news about new content until the new year. 

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