The team behind the latest Kickstarter craze has me seeing double. Take a look at the OGarden Smart and then glance at the galley aboard the Rocinante from the sci-fi series, The Expanse.

the expanse garden and ogarden smart

OGarden, you just made me love you. Plus, who doesn’t need to eat healthier? The design will make kale easier to swallow as a superfan of the series. Yes, I may have watched the first three seasons more than once. Ok, and read the books a few times. It’s sci-fi done right.  

Now, all we need is Elon Musk to quit pissing off the SEC and get to work on a legit spaceship. Do I need spaceship with PDCs? No, but I damn sure want one.

With spaceships more than a few decades off, we have to take what we can get planted on Earth. The OGarden Smart is the company’s second generation of their indoor garden wheel. The first was funded and delivered via Kickstarter giving the company credibility on delivering what they promise.

OGarden Smart Features

Most indoor gardens suffer from a variety of issues. They are seasonal. Time sinks. Wasteful. The list goes on. Oh, and the owners can be lazy in taking care of the plants which means no guaranteed harvest.

OGarden Smart wants to remove all the drawbacks and most of the lazy human elements. Using a wheel design, it can sit in a corner and not take over your apartment or house.

Those with small apartments will appreciate the compact footprint. The OGarden Smart size specs measure out to 53 inches tall, 29 inches wide and 15 inches deep. Weight tips the scale at 61 pounds empty and 100 pounds loaded out with your crops.

Seasonal growth turns into 365 days of continuous vegetable and fruit harvesting thanks to its integrated LED lighting to simulate the sun. The 120-watt LED system equals the power draw of around two incandescent light bulbs.  

And the plant serial killers who forget to water every house plant they buy? Good news. It handles it for you with an integrated water tank and an app to remind you to fill it up every ten days.

What Can the OGarden Smart Grow?

It’s the usual suspects of herbs and smaller vegetables like sweet and cayenne peppers. What caught my eye was strawberries. Freshly grown strawberries all year? Sign me up for that kind of garden.

ogarden smart features

OGarden also offers bags of virgin earth for you to experiment with your favorite fruits and vegetables. The company is working on expanding its catalog of seed pods.

The timeline on growth with the OGarden Smart is around 30-40 days from sprouting the seeds to harvest. The company recommends a 30-plant rotation with the thirty being harvested, thirty growing inside the wheel and thirty sprouting in the enclosed cabinet.

OGarden Smart Kickstarter

The big question for every Kickstarter is when will it be delivered? Thankfully, the OGarden Smart isn’t the company’s first rodeo. It’s the second generation of the product with a delivery timeline of May 2019. The campaign doesn’t even end for 16 days placing the turnaround in under two months. You don’t see that often with crowdfunding campaigns.

Another unusual step is the OGarden Smart payment plan. You can reserve one today for $149 and then three monthly payments of $189. You save around $350 off the expected $1100 retail price when it exits Kickstarter.

Want to pay upfront? Seventy-five units remain priced around $652 (the company prices in Canadian dollars) which is around 40% off the expected retail price. The upfront pledge also nets you 30 seed pods and three seed packs (Chinese Cabbage Tatsoi, Basil and Green Oak Leaf Lettuce).

All in on a healthy lifestyle? You can double up for about $1200 and have one hell of an indoor garden.

OGarden Smart is easily one of the more intriguing products I’ve seen on Kickstarter in a long time. I know I need to eat healthier and the product design is fantastic. The fact it looks similar to the garden from my favorite sci-fi show? Well done OGarden Smart.

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