PUBG Will Start Testing A New Vehicle/Limb Penetration System This Week

The folks behind PUBG are working on a system that will add vehicle and limb penetration mechanics to bullets. You’ve probably noticed the uptick in people leaning during firefights lately. That’s because they’re trying to position their arm/hand in front of their torso or face during firefights, which helps them take less damage.

This morning, the developers announced they are looking at a system to combat this. And they are adding a handful of basic features that I’m honestly surprised took this long.

Patch notes detailing how exactly the bullet penetration system will work should be coming in the next day or two.

The limb penetration system makes sense. I’m curious to see how far they’ll go with it. Will two kills with one shot become a thing? The devs could even incorporate new barrel attachments into the system (think adding more damage via an attachment).

While the limb system sounds like a solid idea, I’m going to need some convincing on the vehicle side. I just don’t see why bullets should pass through a car door. Realistic? Sure. And the system might even be a good addition to solo matches. But duos and squads? Vehicles will become an instant death trap. They’re already metal boxes of death when you cruise too close to a squad. Add in bullet penetration? Good luck surviving that.

We’ll see how it all shakes out. Jump on the test server this week and let the devs know your thoughts.

Hopefully, this week’s patch is a sign of development speeding up for PUBG. I’m ready for more guns and vehicles. And a map selector. First, it was me playing the desert map all the time. Now, I can’t get off the damn island.

I’ll try out the new bullet penetration mechanics for myself once they hit test servers this week. What do you think of the vehicle side of the system? Should vehicles be easier to take out, harder, or are they fine as they are?