Rocket League’s Rocket Pass Goes Live in Two Weeks

Big features are coming to Rocket League over the next few weeks. Today, Psyonix announced the Progression Update is coming to all platforms on August 29. But it’s what’s tucked at the bottom of the blog post that has me pumped. The Rocket Pass goes live the week after.

It’ll come in a free and paid version. Both include plenty of customization items to unlock. And the free version won’t be useless. You’ll be able to earn Decryptors to unlock crates without spending anything.

Alright, let’s touch on both features. For the Progression Update, the level 75 cap is going away. Your current level will be converted to the new system once it goes live. Now, you’ll earn XP after each match. Here’s how that looks post-game.

Rocket League progression update

And each time you level up, you’ll snag an ‘Uncommon’ quality item or better. New titles and banners are also part of the latest update.

As for the Rocket Pass? It’ll work a lot like Fortnite’s Battle Pass. The free version includes new customization items, player banners, titles, and decryptors. The premium version ($9.99) is when we start getting to the good stuff like car bodies. And just like Fortnite, you’ll be able to see everything the premium Rocket Pass has to offer before buying it.

One part Psyonix isn’t willing to embrace from Fornite just yet is challenges.

While they won’t be in the first Rocket Pass, the devs are looking into adding challenges that don’t take away from Rocket League’s core gameplay. Think playing a certain amount of matches in a specific game mode. The last thing we want is ‘score five turtle goals’ and having matches full of folks flipping onto their roofs as they try to score goals. Or maybe we do? Just keep the sillier challenges limited to unranked, and I say go crazy with it.

The Progression Update and Rocket Pass aren’t the only features coming to Rocket League over the next couple weeks. When next week’s update goes live, Clubs will join it. Up to 20 players can join a Club and show off with a custom Club tag.

Rocket league clubs

And finally, Rocket ID (cross-platform parties) should be coming before the end of September.

Rocket League is already one of my favorite games ever, and it’s awesome watching Psyonix continue to pump out great support three years later.