Rocket League Partners Stranger Things For Halloween

With Halloween approaching, many developers are getting ready to host in-game events. Rocket League is gearing up for another one, and this time they’re partnering with Stranger Things to bring the Upside Down.

Farmstead will soon have a new look as it transforms into the Upside Down.

The Haunted Hallows Event kicks off on October 14 and runs until November 11. ‘Candy Corn’ can be earned through matches and spent on items, including a Golden Pumpkin. This ‘crate’ will contain items from the Accelerator, Velocity, and Triumph Crates.

Rocket League is ditching the crate system later this year, so this could be one of the last events to earn crate items via a free currency before the game shifts to a system where you can pick and choose what you buy.

A three-day Redemption period will last until November 14 to spend any ‘Candy Corns’ earned via the Haunted Hallows event.

A new update also lands on the same day as the Halloween event. A post-game party-up feature is being added, making it easier to team up with new Rocket League friends.

Psyonix is also tweaking the Boost Meter slightly to give us another visual cue telling us what team we’re on at the beginning of a match. The meter’s background will change to blue or orange, depending on the team. This tweak will support custom team colors and the Colorblind Mode as well.

A new QuickPlay button, news panel, and a pair of Esports teams to the ESports shop are also coming on October 14.

Four years later and I still can’t get enough Rocket League. And events like this keep me coming back for more. I’ll probably never get past Champion I, but damn if it isn’t a blast trying.