Rocket League Crates Won’t Be Around Much Longer

When Epic Games bought Psyonix (and Rocket League) earlier this year, folks wondered what would change. Today brings the first significant change, but don’t worry; it’s a good one. All paid, randomized crates will be removed from Rocket League later this year.

A new cosmetic system will take its place showing exactly what items are available for purchase before you buy them. It’s similar to how the item store works in Fortnite or other games that offer paid cosmetics without a randomized system.

A specific date on exactly when this new system will be in place wasn’t given, but Psyonix did touch on what won’t change. You’ll still be able to buy Rocket Pass Premium, DLC Cars, and Esports Shops through the new system.

It’s only the random part of the cosmetic system that’s being taken out.

It’s a fantastic change. There are plenty of skins I want, but don’t feel like playing the slot machine in the hopes of getting one. I would rather pay five bucks for a skin I like then spend the same amount of keys and not get anything good.

Psyonix has used special events in Rocket League to give folks up to five keys to earn items (in the form of a special type of crate), and while that was a good start, today’s news is the best way to do it. Show people exactly what they can buy and let them get it if they want.

It’s a win-win. People can buy what they want. And Psyonix (along with Epic) get people who were reluctant to buy keys before (me) to buy cosmetics. Hell, I bought the first few DLC cars more as a thank you to Psyonix after getting Rocket League for free when it launched on PlayStation Plus. But I drew the line after buying a handful of keys for random crates.

Soon, I can buy the Octane skins I want and not worry about getting a trash skin for a car I never use.

What happens to Rocket League crates?

Details on what happens to crates that you still have weren’t released. But a similar rework on Fornite Save the World had crates (or in this case Llamas) containing a certain set of items. Here’s how that change looks.

We’ll see if Psyonix goes down a similar route when the change goes live later this year.