It’s official folks. The TV movie with more Twitter mentions than viewers is going for a trilogy. Sharknado 3 has been made official, single-handedly providing jobs for D-list actors everywhere. Syfy, you seriously gave up the Stargate series for this? Hell, I’d take the Battlestar finale on an endless loop at this point.

After taking out New York City in Sharknado 2, this time around the sharks are taking out the whole east coast. Isn’t this a Glen Beck fantasy? It is a good move from the producers to single out Washington DC. Oh, you didn’t realize their was an election in a couple weeks? Don’t worry, most of the country is in the same camp.

Here’s the official announcement via the Sharknado twitter feed.

There had been rumors that the next installment would go overseas, but the prospect of tearing up the nation’s capitol and Disney World just proved to be too enticing.

How insane is the Sharknado phenomenon? Well, the second premiered in July to a record 3.9 million viewers. If you were staring at your Twitter feed at the same time, it served up over a billion impressions in just the initial broadcast.

Those looking for release date details will have to hold off just a bit. It’s not like they are throwing up a CG masterpiece, so summer of 2015 looks to be a solid bet. Who needs The Avengers 2 when you have Ian Ziering chainsawing a shark?

Get your DVR and hashtagging ready.


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